Toyota Electric and Hybrid Models NI


Lead the charge with Toyota Hybrid and Electic and experience the versatility of a new way of driving. When it comes to hybrid cars, Toyota has revolutionised and innovated the market for over 25 years. In that time, we have saved more than 120 million tonnes of CO2 worldwide, compared to equivalent petrol engines.

Electric and Hybrid models provide a quieter and more relaxing drive for you and your passengers.
Start Saving - Make the switch and start saving with low running costs in Hybrid and Electric vehicles.
By making the switch to Hybrid or Electric driving, you will be looking after your wallet ad the environment

The best of both worlds. Toyota plug-in hybrids offer the benefits of the hybrid electric range but with the ability to travel further on pure electric energy. Charged from an electricity supply at home or at a charging point, they can power you for up to 46* miles producing no emissions at the tailpipe and using no fuel. When needed, they switch seamlessly between a blend of petrol and electric, and pure electric energy.

Switching to Toyota Electric will transform your driving experience. Benefits include:

  • Reduced running costs
  • An impressive range of 100-300 miles
  • Zero emissions
  • Charging points away or at home

For over 20 years, Toyota have been part of a quiet revolution. Across the globe, like-minded people - young and old, families and professionals - have made a choice. Standing over 10 million strong they are united in saying, we choose hybrid.

  • Drive like you always have
  • Emit less CO2
  • Drive with confidence
  • No need to plug in