All-New Toyota Yaris, Toyota Hybrid | Shelbourne Motors Toyota


The compact genius, taking the city by storm...

Combining over 20 years’ hybrid expertise with quality and innovation, the stylish, dynamic and perfectly proportioned 4th generation Yaris is set to bring its energy to the road. Condensed and agile, the All New Yaris applies intelligent packaging to maximise interior space and with a lowered centre of gravity and a wider more muscular stance, it’s ready for anything.

Design that drives you

Designed with passion, driven by obsession. The All New Yaris seizes the moment with expressive design that conveys its passion for life and love of movement. The rounded curves and glossy skin are re-invented throughout the design of the All New Yaris.

All New Yaris is bold and distinctive, its powerful kinetic energy and wide, compact stance hugging the road with a reassuring strength that emphasises its agile and dynamic nature.

Hybrid, the power to electrify

All New Yaris introduces a brand new 1.5 litre petrol engine with an enhanced 4th generation hybrid system for a combination of engaging performance and outstanding economy. Built on more than 20 years of experience the new, light weight lithium ion battery can store more power, whilst the self-charging hybrid system can recover more energy so you’ll be able to enjoy spending more time in EV-mode on urban journeys, further reducing your tail-pipe emissions.

Moving safety forward

All New Yaris is the safest Yaris ever. Packed full of technology, standard equipment includes an advanced Pre-Collision System, Emergency Steering Assist, Road Sign Assist and Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control, together with Night-time Pedestrian Detection. So even if you aren’t thinking about safety you can be sure that All New Yaris is.

Focused on you

All New Yaris redefines what’s possible with an open and spacious driver-focused interior that defies its compact exterior dimensions. Soft touch materials and quality finishes create a rich sensory environment that is as inviting as it is relaxing. The clean, minimalist design incorporates a low dashboard, compact steering wheel and a deep front screen to deliver the confidence that only a perfect driving position can give.

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