What is a Toyota Hybrid?

In Northern Ireland - Toyota Hybrid cars are becoming more & more popular with hundreds of drivers making the change from petrol or diesel to Hybrid every week.

What is a hybrid?

Hybrids are often confused with electric vehicles. Fully electric vehicles are entirely battery powered and require charging to travel. So, how does Toyota Hybrid work? The Toyota Hybrid battery uses a standard engine and the electric bits are used to collect and recycle energy that normally goes to waste in standard cars. You don’t need to plug in a Toyota hybrid car, every time you use the brakes ‘regenerative braking’ turns the car’s energy back into electricity, which is saved in the batteries.

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Fuel economy you’ll appreciate

All of this electricity stored up while the car is driven as normal helps hybrids save fuel in two ways. The electric motor can kick in alongside the petrol engine to provide extra acceleration. Having this boost on tap means that the car can have a smaller, more economical engine, but the engine and motor can work together to provide the performance of a larger engine when it’s needed.

Seriously reduced emissions

The perfect partnership of an electric motor and a petrol engine means hybrid cars emit anything from 75g of CO2 per km, which is an amazingly low statistic for a family car. In fact, when driving in electric EV-mode, it can go from 0-50 km/h without producing any emissions whatsoever – you’d find more CO2 in a spent balloon.

Free Road Tax

Your hybrid saves money in more ways than one. The money you save on fuel is a given but what you might not realise is you’ll also qualify for free road tax too. It’s one of the reasons people choose to buy a hybrid in the first place.​

A feeling of Tranquillity

When you select the electric EV-mode on our hybrid cars you'll notice something quite special – nothing at all! The silence and sheer tranquillity of the engine really is something you have to experience to believe. Electric EV-mode also produces zero emissions and provides an ultra-smooth ride.