The MyToyota App

The MyToyota app provides a set of connected services for your Toyota. Wherever you go, using the app on your smartphone, you can communicate with your car to plan journeys from home, optimise your driving, regulate your car temperature remotely, and much more.*

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person looking at MyToyota app on phone

Hybrid Coaching

Maximise the efficiency of your hybrid vehicle and reduce your fuel consumption through the guidance of our Hybrid Driving Coaching. Personalised advice on your braking, acceleration, and speed, along with suggestions to enhance your driving technique to fully exploit the advantages of hybrid technology.

Remote Control Features

Effortlessly defrost your car during the winter season by utilising climate control, and conveniently pre-set your desired cabin temperature via your smartphone before embarking on your journey. Keep an eye on your car's battery status and schedule charging at your preferred time with remote charging control.

person looking at MyToyota app on phone

person looking at MyToyota app on phone

Find My Car

Easily find your parked Toyota from any location, and if you're in a crowded parking area, you can even activate your hazard lights to assist in identifying your vehicle.