We choose expertise

At Toyota, our Hybrid Electric Service costs no more than a non-hybrid service. Our experts carry out all the hybrid specific checks your car needs to make sure everything is working efficiently and effectively.For over 23 years, Toyota has been at the forefront of hybrid car technology and because we are experts in Toyota car health, we know more about keeping your Toyota in good condition than anyone. Today, our latest hybrid technology continues to evolve, leading the charge towards a better future for all, and a better drive for you.

Nobody knows your Toyota better than our Hybrid Electric Specialists. Come and talk to us to find out more or request a hybrid service today.

As part of our annual Hybrid Health Check, our technicians test your vehicle’s hybrid system and compile a report that gives you the information you need to understand the health of your hybrid.

  • Step 1 - Diagnostic test of hybrid system
  • Step 2 - Battery health check
  • Step 3 - Battery insulation test
  • Step 4 - Auxiliary battery charging test
  • Step 5 - Cooling system check