For over 20 years, Toyota have been part of a quiet revolution. Across the globe, there has been a movement of like-minded people - young and old, families and professionals - they have all made a choice. That choice is Hybrid, standing over 10 million strong, they are united in saying "We Choose Hybrid".

Toyota hybrid is becoming an increasingly more popular choice among drivers.

Life's easier with a hybrid
There's nothing complicated about driving a Hybrid, you just press start and go.

There's no compromise
Hybrids are made up of two engines, one petrol and one electric. Working together, they deliver a smooth power and responsive torque.

Intelligence at all levels
Whether it's uphill, overtaking, braking or at a standstill your hybrid system will deliverer maximum performance to suit your journey.

Fuel economy
Hybrid vehciles recycle energy and have two engines working in harmony to deliver figures as impressively low as 3 litres of petrol consumed per 100km. A noticeable return indeed and one that can be further reduced when driving in Eco Mode. Of course, if you want to eliminate that figure completely, simply select electric EV-mode, go easy on the pedal and you won’t use a single drop when accelerating up to 50km/h.

A relaxing drive
If you are driving in EV-mode produces zero emissions and offers a smooth ride. The silence in a hybrid car is something quite exceptional.

Low emissions
When driving in electric EV-mode, you won't produce any emissions at all. The combination of electric and petrol means that hybrid emissions start as small as 70g per km.