Toyota Yaris Cross named 2022 World Urban Car

The Toyota Yaris Cross has been awarded 2022 World Urban Car in the World Car Awards, selected by a jury of 102 automotive journalists from 33 countries.

Commenting on the award win, Takatomo Suzuki, Chief Engineer of the Toyota Compact Car Company at Toyota Motor Corporation, said:

“We are honoured to be awarded ‘World Urban Car’. Our foundation has always been to make good compact cars, and this philosophy guided us to develop Yaris Cross as a compact car with a spacious cargo area and utility, as well as sufficient power and fuel economy. This award will motivate us as we continue to develop high-quality cars that can meet our customers’ needs and promote environmentally efficient vehicles that can help reduce CO2 emissions.”

The Yaris Cross follows in the footsteps of the Toyota Yaris, which was named Car of the Year in Europe in 2021. It carries forward the key qualities of its sister urban hatchback model, such as the “Big-Small” packaging that maximises interior space and practicality, fourth generation hybrid electric power, the highest safety standards with second generation Toyota Safety Sense and a genuine fun-to-drive character.

These attributes are combined with authentic SUV features, founded on a Toyota heritage of innovation that includes originating the now core market segment for recreational SUVs with the first RAV4 more than 25 years ago.

Developed under the theme of “Always on the Move,” Yaris Cross is perfectly suited to day-to-day use, but with an adventurous aspect that’s fundamental to a successful SUV. The design presents a stylish, urban look for a car that owners can feel proud to be seen in, blending the robust qualities of an SUV with more advanced dynamic driving appeal. It is built on the Toyota GA-B small car platform which gives it the basic dynamic strengths that have also been so successfully delivered in the new Yaris.

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