Go Your Own Way with the Toyota Aygo

Toyota have teamed up with four independent style icons ready to make a BIG impact. Toyota’s new ‘Go Your Own Way’ campaign shows 4 drag queens bringing their individual style, colour and character. Expressing their personality through the playful Toyota Aygo, each drag queen got the opportunity to design the look and tone of their own photo-shoot.

Three of which worked with award-winning fashion photographer Kirstian Schullar to create individual poster campaigns.

Stella Meltdown, Le Fil, Alfie Ordinary and Liqourice Black were selected to take part in the campaign because of their commitment to self-expression and living their lives in the own way. Liqourice Black, from Manchester, is a sultry movie star from the 1920’s who performs exclusively in monochrome; Stella Meltdown, modelled on the ‘It’ girls of the noughties, created a media frenzy for the camera; Le Fil is a multidisciplinary artist whose work goes beyond costume to explore sculpture, music and dance; and Alfie Ordinary whose life is full of smiles, sunshine and glitter. 

Find out more about each artist and find out which type of Toyota Aygo they choose. 

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