Flexible finance for personal use at Shelbourne Motors Toyota

Choosing the perfect car for you is easier with affordable finance options. At Shelbourne Motors, we offer extremely competitive finance options on new and used Toyota vehicles. Flexible finance means you can drive away happy!

Customer transparency is important to us, which is why we will discuss everything in great detail with you before you commit to any finance option.

How does it work?

Pay Deposit: Once you have chosen your preferred Toyota vehicle, pay an upfront deposit.

Monthly Instalments: You will then pay monthly instalments as part of your finance plan.

Retain, Return or Renew: Once you have finished, you can choose what to do with your vehicle, as always we will be there to discuss options with you.

Flexible finance for business use

If you drive a company car, you’re a dedicated fleet manager or involved with company vehicles the Fleet team at Shelbourne Motors Toyota are here to help. We have a specialist Business Centre and team trained to meet your needs. This, along with a great choice of business offers, you should find what you need and a competitive price.

Benefits of contract hire at Shelbourne Motors Toyota:

  • Dedicated and specialist Fleet team always on hand
  • Low Initial Payment
  • Fixed Monthly Costs
  • Hassle free business motoring
  • Frees Up Capital not locking it into depreciating assets
  • Offset rentals against taxable profits
  • No disposal concerns for a company at the end of the contract