Does Hybrid Driving Save You Fuel?

How do hybrid cars compare to petrol and diesel cars for economy and emissions?

A hybrid Vehicle has the advantage of switching to the electric motors in heavy traffic, built up areas and at slower speeds – that means you won’t use any fuel. The fuel economy often impresses people on hybrid test drives. On average, at least 50% of hybrid test drives are spent purely in electric mode.

Hybrid vs. petrol or diesel comparison

We are used to traffic jams and speed restrictions and getting stick behind the odd tractor every now and again, however such situations in a hybrid vehicle can really have its perks – saving fuel costs significantly. Not only that, it offers reduced CO2 emissions and results in a smooth, stress-free drive.

In comparing hybrid vs petrol, a Toyota hybrid offers better furl economy and C02 emissions. In hybrid vs diesel, a Toyota hybrid creates lower harmful NOx and PM emissions.

Regenerative braking and its effect on fuel efficiency

A question we get asked often is if you need to plug in your Toyota hybrid to charge the vehicle. The hybrid engine will recharge its electric batteries as you drive. It also uses an advanced regenerative braking system to charge its batteries too, so even when decelerating or braking on a steep hill, for example, the driver is reclaiming electricity – thereby adding to the fuel efficiency of the hybrid.