Introducing the New Nissan LEAF – Simply Amazing​​

The Nissan LEAF has had a big makeover in more ways than one and we are excited to share the first images with you. This week, Nissan revealed its new Nissan LEAF – the world’s most advanced mass-market electric vehicle and icon of the company’s Intelligent Mobility vision.

All electric and filled with ingenious technology, the new LEAF is sure to turn heads with it's all electric technology and an increased range of 150 miles on a single charge. The new Nissan LEAF also embraces advanced driver assistance including the revolutionary e-pedal.

Building on the success of the first model Nissan LEAF, the new model introduces exciting new technology and an exciting new look.

Innovative Driver Assistance
For a more confident, exciting and connected drive.

- e-Pedal: Accelerates, breaks and holds on hills.
- Single lane highway autonomous highway driving technology
- Automated parking
- Rear cross traffic alert
- Blind spot warning
- Intelligent emergency breaking
- Nissan Connect EV

Exterior Design

The new exterior design is a quite a difference from the original design, incorporating a more sleek look in line with other Nissan range models. As showcased in the images, the roof has a contrasting finish. The new LEAF is designed with a striking front incorporating a tidy yet striking look. The rear end of the vehicle is equipped with boomerang-shaped lamps and an expressive and dynamic look.

Interior Design

It’s not just the outside of the Nissan LEAF that exhibits a change; the interior design has shifted to a more premium look. Inside, you will find an infotainment screen with Apple CarPlay integrated and upgraded dials to finish off the new look. With premium materials in the cabin you will find coloured stitching and the addition of the revolutionary e-Pedal for acceleration, breaking and hill stops.

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