Nissan Electric Cars & Vans NI

Enjoy the experience of living with an electric vehicle, no oil changes or petrol station stops. Powered by lithium-ion batteries electric vehicles are designed to be cheaper to run while also producing zero CO2 emissions.


Running costs are just a small portion of a conventional car, with overnight charging (when electricity rates are lowest) meaning that the cost of ownership is less than 2p per mile* – the equivalent of over 300mpg in a conventional vehicle

Set your car to charge at night and wake up to a fully charged car! You can also program the temperature in your EV via the CARWINGS website or app so it is comfortable when you get in.


Lithium-ion batteries are economical to produce and run while delivering excellent efficiency and performance. With twice the density of conventional batteries they double the cruising range of electric vehicles in comparison­­­ to the efficiency or petrol or diesel cars.


Charging your LEAFor E-NV200 is easy and affordable both at home and on the public charging networks available. Plug your EV into the charge point using the EVSE lead provided when buying your vehicle. The recommended method of charging at home is to install a Nissan approved home charge unit (HCU).