e-POWER to the people! Nissan’s unique and innovative e-POWER hits 100,000 sales in Europe

Since its debut in September 2022, Nissan's e-POWER vehicles have been embraced by over 100,000 customers, with 65,367 Qashqais and 34,663 X-Trails sold in Europe. Notably, the UK accounts for over a fifth of these sales, with 21,026 e-POWER models finding homes.

What distinguishes e-POWER is its unique electric motor-driven wheel propulsion system, offering a smooth and quiet drive similar to fully electric vehicles. Feedback from customers highlights their appreciation for this technology's quietness and ease of driving. The petrol engine in the e-POWER system serves solely to generate electricity, charging the battery and powering the wheels via the electric motor.

Arnaud Charpentier, Region VP of Product Strategy & Pricing, expressed pride in reaching this milestone, attributing it to Nissan's bold innovation. David Moss, Senior VP of Region R&D, emphasized e-POWER's role in Nissan's electrification strategy, providing an effortless driving experience for customers not yet ready for full electric vehicles.

To celebrate this achievement, Nissan showcases the inner workings of e-POWER using projection technology on Qashqai and X-Trail models. These projections offer a glimpse into how the system delivers a responsive drive.

The Qashqai, designed in London and engineered in the UK, combines striking design with agility and premium quality. The X-Trail, manufactured in Japan, continues its legacy as an SUV for adventurous families, now featuring e-POWER technology and an optional all-wheel-drive system.