All set for Summer?

Get a free Nissan Summer Fun Kit — including a tote cool bag, picnic blanket, and outdoor games set — after your 20-point Summer Health Check for £39.99*.

*only available before 30th September 2024

Summer is fast approaching and that means all those road trips you’ve been planning are just around the corner. While the sun can be shy in our slither of the world, it can still shine bright and hard when it’s out. That means higher road surface temperatures and sweaty stick-to-the-seat car interiors.

To avoid any complications that can turn a beach day into a day at the mechanics, take your Nissan in for a Summer Health Check. And if missing a day tanning by the sea isn’t convincing enough, here are some other reasons to consider getting the check:

1. Properly working air conditioning

The air conditioning rarely gets a good run out in the UK weather but it’s always nice to know it works when we do need it. When it’s not in use, your air con can lose charge and air vents can get built up with dust, bacteria, and pollen, leaving them working below par — not ideal if you’ve a car full of sweaty people complaining about the heat.

When you book in for a Summer Health Check your air con system is checked to ensure it can keep you cool on those long summer road trips.

2. We check your tyre tread and battery

Warmer weather means warmer surface temperatures means quicker tyre wear. Hot asphalt can soften the rubber on tyres speeding up their degradation and can aggravate any existing damage. Imagine not being able to enjoy the sun because of your tyres. Don’t let it get to that point. During the Nissan Summer Health Check our Northern Ireland Nissan dealer technicians with check your tread and pressure ensuring everything is road legal and safe for your summer travels.

Normally batteries are more of a concern in the Winter months, but can equally come under a lot of stress in the sun. The Summer Health Check tests the condition of your battery so you have no issues getting the car going when you need it.

3. Keep your car hydrated

There are a number of fluids in your car that need checked and topped up regularly, especially when the sun is out. If your coolant levels dip you are in danger of having a costly overheating incident. Same goes for other fluids like your oil level. Our technicians will ensure your car is well hydrated with all the fluids it needs.

4. Safely chase the summer sunsets

During the summer months we tend to extend our days to make the most of the heat and the light — as we should. That means we often end up driving home in the dark. In that case, making sure your headlights and break lights are working properly is key for those long summer nights. We’ll check your lights are working properly and replace any that aren’t.

5. You get a Free Summer Fun Kit

You can’t go wrong with a freebie. When you complete our Summer Health Check you’ll receive a free Fun Kit that includes a tote cool bag, picnic blanket, and outdoor games set. It’s part of our commitment to enhancing your summer fun.

We rely so much on our cars to enjoy summer. It only makes sense to have it in top condition. The Nissan Summer Health Check ensures that wear and tear items are maintained and other key areas of your vehicle are performing as they should be. For a full list of the checks click here. To book in for your Summer Health Check click here and fill out the form. Enjoy the sunshine!