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Nissan PCP Explained ​

How Does Nissan PCP work?

Let us know how much you'd like to pay as a deposit, we will calculate your monthly payment based on your maximum annual mileage to suit your needs. We can calculate your Optional Final Payment depending on your individual driving requirements.

You can choose from three options when your agreement comes to an end:

1. Drive away a new Nissan

If the vehicle is worth more than the Optional Final Payment amount, you can part exchange your Nissan by putting the difference towards a deposit on a brand new Nissan.

2. Return your Nissan

You can choose to return your Nissan and pay nothing assuming it is in good condition and within the agreed mileage limits.

3. Keep your Nissan

Keep and own your vehicle, just pay the Optional Final Payment and drive away happy.

Nissan Hire Purchase Explained

How Does Hire Purchase Work?

Hire Purchase involves paying off the cost of your vehicle with interest on a monthly basis. Hire purchase is a popular choice for both personal finance but also a great choice for businesses.

Similar to PCP you let us know what kind of deposit you'd like to pay and we will calculate your monthly payments (including interest) for the duration of the contract. At the end of the agreement, when all payments have been made (including the Option to Purchase Fee) the vehicles ownership will be transferred to you

  • The interest rate charged on the finance will remain unaffected by any future changes in interest rates.
  • The initial payment is flexible.
  • Fixed monthly payments are not subject to VAT.
  • Taxation benefit from writing down allowance.
  • No mileage restrictions.