Hire Purchase on Motability

You may prefer to purchase your vehicle under a Hire Purchase Agreement if you:

  • Want to buy a second-hand car
  • Need adaptations and would prefer not to have to re-install them after three years
  • Regularly cover high mileage (more than 60,000 over three years and 100,000 for five-year Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV) agreements)

You can select a hire purchase option over four or five years using the Motability Hire Purchase Scheme for new vehicles, or a two or three year option for a used vehicle.

Under the Hire Purchase Scheme, you are responsible for funding insurance, breakdown cover, and servicing and repairs costs, whereas these are all included in the Contract Hire Scheme.

To find out more contact our Nissan Mobility team on 028 3855 0419 or make an enquiry and a member of the team will get back to you as soon as possible.