Discover Kia Electric and Hybrid NI

Lead the charge with Kia

Both Kia Motors and Shelbourne Motors Kia in Newry are huge supporters of eco-friendly motoring, which is why we’re delighted to be able to bring you the full range of Hybrid and electric models from the manufacturer. These impressive new cars retain the exceptional styling and technology of their combustion engine counterparts, but include innovative engine technology that increases fuel economy while reducing CO2 emissions. As a result, taking to the road in one of these models ensures driving with a clear conscience.

Electric and Hybrid models provide a quieter and more relaxing drive for you and your passengers.
Reliably cost effective, make the switch and start saving with low running costs in Hybrid and Electric vehicles.
Make the move to contributing towards a greener and cleaner environment. Lower your emissions to help the planet.

Kia electric vehicles, or EVs, run solely on electricity. This offers quiet operation, zero tailgate emissions and breath-taking performance.

Kia hybrid vehicles, or HEVs, have both a petrol engine and small battery. The battery is said to be ‘self-charging’ meaning that it is usually replenished when decelerating.


Need to know more?

What is a hybrid or self-charging hybrid car?

Hybrid cars can offer you improved fuel economy and lower emissions, without the need to change how you use your vehicle. No plugging in required.

What is a Plug-in Hybrid car?

Plug-in hybrid cars can offer you many of the benefits of an electric car, they have a shorter electric range but can rely on a petrol motor for longer trips.

What is a mild hybrid car?

Mild Hybrids allow your engine to switch off more frequently, which improves fuel economy and reduces emissions.