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The Kia EV9

The Kia EV9 all-electric 7-seater SUV.

The Kia EV9. A drive towards sustainable mobility.

The newest, most generation-defining electric car, the Kia EV9, is now available for order. You’ll find the best of both worlds in the new Kia EV9. A sophisticated SUV designed for elegance and strong presence, while also serving as a responsive electric car ideal for city driving. Inspired by the harmonious blend of nature and modernity, the Kia EV9 captures attention with broad dimensions, daring geometry and futuristic lines. From front to back, exceptional design features define its unique character and poise — making it a stand-out both on city streets and the open road.

Watch our Kia Sales Manager, Gary tell you everything you need to know about the Kia EV9 >>>

7 Seats as standard

Ultra-fast Charging
Up to 154 miles in
15 minutes¹

Long EV Distance
Up to 349 miles²
Maximum range (WLTP)

EV9 Air

ev9_2022 in aurora-red

EV9 GT-Line

ev9_2022 in midnight-black

EV9 GT-Line 7 Seat

ev9_2022 in pacific-blue

EV9 GT-Line 6 Seat

ev9_2022 in white-pearl

eNiro charging

Digital Key

Digital Key provides enhanced security through UWB based communication (hacking preventing), improves convenience by enabling door opening by smartphones and smart watches.

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Fingerprint recognition

Fingerprint recognition improves convenience and security by providing in-vehicle personalised settings, motor start (without digital key) and valet mode linked with the fingerprint recognition function.

eNiro charging

Triple panoramic display

New digital display for driver and their passengers including a touchscreen to control the climate control within the vehicle. Below the navigation screen, we have used hidden buttons with a haptic feedback function which provides a clean and elegant look.

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14-Speaker Meridian Premium Sound System

Maximised listening experience through 14 high-performance speakers and Meridian premium sound system. Provides rich and faithful sound performance by adopting Meridian Premium Sound System, a high-end audio system.


The long wheelbase and flat architecture of the Electric Global Modular Platform (E-GMP) provides a generous cabin with lounge-style comfort for everyone on board. The industry-transforming
E-GMP also brings you athletic performance and impressive range, with a stable, quiet driving experience even at high speeds.

Impressive EV Performance

Fully electric, athletic performance with superb range, optimised driving pleasure and quiet cabin even at high speeds.​

Superb range

*The high-voltage 99.8 kWh battery pack allows for a range of up to 349 miles ¹.

[*Based on Combined WLTP Range.]​

Ultra-fast Charging

Recover up to 154 miles in just 15 minutes ², from home or a public station.

Emission-free power

Powerful, fully electric performance with zero emissions, and sustainable V2L (vehicle-to-load) charging.

²The range was determined according to the standardised EU measurement procedure (WLTP). The individual driving style and other factors, such as speed, outside temperature, topography and the use of electricity-consuming devices/units, have an influence on the real-life range and can possibly reduce it.