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If you live in Armagh, Shelbourne Motors Kia is just a short drive from your home; offering great savings on a new Kia in Armagh, as well as used cars. In fact, Shelbourne Kia goes the extra mile to ensure that your time and drive from Armagh to Newry is rewarded with:

  • an excellent selection of new Kia and used cars
  • sales staff that listen
  • a culture that gives you the space to shop
  • prices that fit your budget

Let us assist you in your research to find the new Kia in Armagh or used car that best fits your lifestyle. Shelbourne Kia has been helping consumers in Armagh find the perfect vehicle for years and can offer a wealth of knowledge about our current Kia vehicles and offers.

Our staff works every day to provide a distinctive service that sets us apart from the normal car buying experience in the Armagh area. Our hard work has been recognized by hundreds of Armagh car buyers. If you feel the same after your Shelbourne Kia experience why not write us a review on Google.

Are you ready for a new car buying experience?

We know that you have a choice!

There are many choices in the Armagh area to purchase a new Kia car in Armagh and understand the attraction of "saving" by looking to purchase a car on eBay or from a local Armagh newspaper classified car listing.

We can't emphasize enough the risk of buying a car from a consumer that you don't know. A consumer who cannot validate the condition of the car they are selling nor can they offer an extended warranty for the car you will be driving.

It starts with a phone call or email. You choose what is best for your research and your decision making process. You can call us at the numbers shown on the right or you can complete a price quote form.

We respect your right to shop as you want. Just give us the opportunity to review the cars we have for sale near your home in Armagh and how we can assist you with financing, leasing or payment plans.