New Electric and Hybrid Cars for Sale NI

We offer an impressive, hand-picked selection of Toyota, Nissan, Kia and Renault hybrid and electric vehicles in Northern Ireland. We’ve carefully chosen the models in our range to provide only the most trusted vehicles, so you’ll never have to compromise on quality. Browse our selection below to find out which of our vehicles is best suited to your needs.

Electric and Hybrid models provide a quieter and more relaxing drive for you and your passengers.
Start Saving - Make the switch and start saving with low running costs in Hybrid and Electric vehicles.
By making the switch to Hybrid or Electric driving, you will be looking after your wallet ad the environment

Offering the best of both worlds, plug-in hybrid vehicles are powered by a compact combustion engine and an electric power reserve for optimum efficiency. With up to 40 miles of zero-emissions travel, buying a new plug-in hybrid car in Northern Ireland is a fantastic option for commuters seeking simple, inexpensive travel. With a plug-in hybrid, you can also enjoy:

  • Lower running costs
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Up to 40 miles’ electric-only range
  • Reliable dual power
  • Lower emissions

Browse below our impressive range of all-new plug-in hybrid cars for sale in Northern Ireland here at Shelbourne Motors.

Going all-electric will transform your motoring experience. Efficient and cost-effective, an electric car boasts lower overall running costs without the hassle of oil changes or refuelling stops. Our new electric vehicles in Northern Ireland are powered by a lithium-ion battery and electric motor, offering a smooth, quiet driving experience. Benefits include:

  • Reduced running costs
  • An impressive range of 100-300 miles
  • Zero emissions
  • Charging points away or at home
  • Government grants available

Discover our latest selection of new, all-electric cars for sale in Northern Ireland below.

Mild hybrid cars combine a dominant combustion engine with a smaller, efficient electric motor and lithium-ion battery, offering refined performance and increased efficiency. These cars make a great starting point if you’re thinking about getting a new electric vehicle in NI but you’re not yet ready to commit to going all-electric. Benefits include:

  • No need to plug in
  • Improved efficiency
  • Seamless, stress-free driving
  • Savings on running costs

Explore our selection below to learn more about new mild hybrid cars for sale at Shelbourne Motors.

Self-charging hybrids make the perfect introduction to electric motoring. With innovative self-charging technology, you’ll never need to plug in the vehicle at a charging point. Convenient, straightforward and stylish, new self-charging models are a pleasure to own. You’ll benefit from:

  • Saving on charging point installation
  • Lower emissions
  • Smooth, hassle-free driving
  • Reduced running costs

Discover our range of the newest self-charging hybrid cars for sale in Northern Ireland below.

View our FAQ's below

1. What’s the difference between an electric and hybrid vehicle?


While both make an energy-efficient choice, new electric and hybrid vehicles are powered differently. Electric vehicles run solely on battery power and regularly need to be charged, whereas hybrid vehicles shift seamlessly between two power sources that can work independently or simultaneously.

2. What range does an electric vehicle have?


Generally, electric vehicles boast an impressive range. This depends on the model but, as an example, the Nissan Leaf covers up to 239 miles, while the Kia EV6 allows for over 316 miles on a fully charged battery.

3. Where can I charge my vehicle?


There are over 330 free-to-use public charging points in Northern Ireland and these can be easily found from your phone using the Zap Map app. Furthermore, additional rapid charging points are expected to be added to the NI network by 2023. If you’d prefer to charge your new electric car in NI at home, government grants are available for installation.

4. How much does it cost to charge?


It’s free to charge at any public charge point. For home charging points, costs vary depending on your energy provider and the specific model of your new electric car. On average, you could expect a full charge to cost between £5 and £10.

5. ​How long does it take to charge?


With a rapid charging point, you can charge your electric vehicle in as little as 45-60 minutes. EV drivers often use public charge points at any convenient opportunity to maintain a healthy level of charge. Charging overnight at home, meanwhile, is a time-efficient way to guarantee a fully charged battery.

6. Are electric vehicles more environmentally friendly?


Yes! Electric vehicles help to cut fuel emissions, promote sustainable driving and reduce our carbon footprint. Without doubt, switching to an electric vehicle in NI helps to fight climate change.