Setting up your own business naturally brings some uncertainty and always involves risks, that's no secret to anyone. This tends to come hand in hand with what you need to make your new business thrive. Many business owners need at least one company vehicle or a fleet of vehicles for their business development and production. At Shelbourne Vehicle Rental, you can drive confidently knowing that the vehicle you choose is hired on a rental basis for the short term or long term depending on your circumstances.

So; what’s the advantages of vehicle rental for your business?

  • You can add or reduce your rental vehicles with ease depending on your business requirements.
  • No exposure to rising costs of vehicle parts
  • No servicing or maintenance costs
  • You can benefit from a dedicated team at Shelbourne Vehicle Rental offering you on-going practical support and advice

At Shelbourne Vehicle Rental we offer practical solutions that suit you; we have cars, vans, pickups and minibuses available. Each vehicle is meticulously checked for every customer and a support team will be available to help answer any questions you have. We will work around you and your business to ensure your needs are met by creating a tailored rental solution for you.


Get in touch with our rental team today and find out more how renting a vehicle from us can help you and your business. Call us on 028 3839 6868 or make an online enquiry HERE.