Advice for Hirers new to driving Van

Before you take the vehicle on the road:

  • Make sure your rear or side cargo door is securely locked
  • Adjust your left and right rear-view mirrors to let you see as much of the road as you can
  • If the van is equipped with power lift gates, carefully check the instructions for operating before when loading or unloading the vehicle.

Once you've started your trip, please follow these safe-driving tips:

Watch out overhead

  • Vans are significantly taller than cars
  • Note clearance signs at bridges & overpasses
  • Be careful of drive-through canopies
  • Watch for low-hanging tree limbs, power and telephone lines
  • You are liable for any overhead damage, even when collision damage excess reduction has been purchased.

Be careful at junctions

  • Vans are longer and wider than cars and have a wider turning radius
  • As vans have a higher centre of gravity than cars ensure you take turns and bends more slowly.

Never follow too close

  • Vans are heavier than cars and need more braking distance
  • Obey restrictions and rules for commercial vehicles

Use your mirrors

  • Exercise caution before changing lanes and use turn signals
  • Avoid abrupt manoeuvres
  • Ask someone to help guide you when backing up your van

Watch out for gateposts and bollards

  • You need to allow plenty of space when turning into driveways - damage to the sides of vans caused by gateposts and bollards is one of the most common incidents we see.
  • Fuel pumps and garage forecourts also need care and vigilance.