Renault E-Tech Technology

Featuring a a fully electric, plug-in hybrid and hybrid range

It's time to take the first step towards the future of driving with Renault's E-Tech range that includes electric, plug-in hybrid and hybrid vehicles. The diverse collection of vehicles are suitable for a variety of different needs. Whether it's the compact and fully electric Renault Zoe of plug-in hybrid Captur, enjoy the benefits of E-Tech technology all whilst saving on fuel.

Drawing on experience from Formula 1, Renault have developed innovatie E-Tech powertrains to bring improved performance with an excellent driving experience.
Whether you go fully electric, plug-in hybrid or hybrid you will be guaranteed to save on rising fuel costs.
Make the move to contributing towards a greener and cleaner environment. Lower your emissions to help the planet.

Plug In-Hybrid (PHEV)

Combining combustion and electric technology, Renault's plug-in hybrid technology is versatile and robust. Hit the EV mode button to enjoy 100% electric driving for a distance of 30 miles without burning fuel then switch to Hybrid or Sport for longer journeys to maximise your vehicles power. With a higher capacity battery than hybrid vehicles, plug-in hybrids can store more energy with the capability of a greater range when in fully electric mode.

Enjoy zero emmission driving with less noise and no fuel costs in one of Renault's fully electric vehicles. Never run out of battery as you can charge at home or at one of the public charge points that can be found via ZapMaps. Wave goodbye to regular maintenance of your car like oil changes and spark plug changes with a simple but advanced electric powertrain.

Embrace Renault's range of hybrid vehicles without ever having to be plugged in. Driving pleasure and efficiency are at the core of Renault's hybrid vehicles with a combustion engine that combines two electric engines and a battery. Choose your driving mode to suit short or long journeys and reduce your consumption by 40%.