New Renault Kangoo

The Renault Kangoo Van range features a bold new Renault diamond that sits proudly above the front bumper. A symbol of excellence in the commercial vehicle sector. Angular headlights and the aerodynamic door mirrors combine with the new front bumper to give Kangoo Van a purposeful presence on the road. It’s ready for work

Multi Positional Bulkhead

This adjustable bulkhead cleverly lets you make the most of interior room, without wasting time or compromising passenger safety. When you are carrying crew, it sits behind the rear seats.

When you fold those down for extra cargo space, it automatically follows suit to protect people in the front seats. Simple, ingenious, and typical of our attention to detail – giving you a versatile load carrier and a safer working environment, in one.

Swivelling Bulkhead and rear roof flap

On Kangoo van and Kangoo Maxi versions, the optional passenger seat folds giving a flat base and 0.5m3 of additional storage volume and a highly useful extended load length. The optional swivelling bulkhead meanwhile, affords the driver full protection with this set up. On Kangoo van versions, the sliding roof flap allows the vertical storage of oversized objects.

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