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New Renault Kangoo E-TECH Electric

100% electric

Our 100% electric vans, Kangoo E-TECH Electric and New Kangoo Maxi Van offer the same generous load capacity and options as the equivalent diesel but with ultra-low running costs and all the benefits of owning a Renault electric vehicle.

The Kangoo Van E-TECH Electric is simply a pleasure to drive with quiet yet instant pulling power. The benefits don’t end there thanks to easy to charge solutions such as the wall-box† (for recharging from home) or charging stations at work or local public areas.

The KANGOO Z.E. 33 range

Kangoo Z.E. 33 Van

With load volumes of up to 3m3 the Kangoo Van provides all the space you need.

Kangoo Van Z.E. 33 i Business

Kangoo Z.E. 33 Maxi Van

With load volumes of up to 4m3 you’ll have even more space. Need to get tools and a team to site? The Maxi Crew Van has seating for 5 and can carry the tools you need for the job – safely and securely.

Kangoo Maxi Z.E. 33 i Business

Kangoo Z.E. 33 Crew Van

Whether it’s passengers, cargo or both, the Kangoo Crew simply switches up to suit your needs thanks to easily folding rear seats.

Kangoo Maxi Crew Van Z.E. 33 i Business

The charging flap

The flap for charging your Kangoo Z.E 33 is under the logo on the grille.

Public charging points

A standard charging station, on the street or in a car park for example, will take between six and nine hours (depending on the power available) to fully charge your Kangoo Z.E. 33

The charging cable for occasional use

Are you on a business trip without a home charging point within easy reach? You can use this (optional) charging cable to charge your Kangoo Z.E. 33 occasionally from a conventional socket, which must be earthed and protected by a circuit breaker. In this case, charging takes 17 hours.