The Top Safety Features to Think About When Buying a New Car

Safety features are essential when thinking about buying a new car, especially if you’re shopping for a family car. Cars are currently safer than ever before, thanks to many advancements in technology, but some of these features can come as additional extras so it can be difficult to know which ones are worth paying for. With such a wide range of new safety features emerging on new cars, we’ve rounded up the best ones to look out for.

Lane Departure Warning

A lane departure warning alert can be particularly effective for those who do long journeys on the motorway.The technology works by notifying the driver when the car is moving too close to another lane without using their indicator. The technology can help drivers who may be losing concentration or drifting too close to other lanes, helping them to be more aware before causing a potential accident.

Blind Spot Warning Systems

Especially important for all drivers, the blind spot is extremely hazardous when changing lanes on both dual carriageways and motorways. Blind spot warning systems help to reduce accidents by alerting drivers to unseen vehicles. On most new vehicles the alert is given by a light on the wing mirror which is then reinforced by an audio alert if the driver fails to take notice of the warning light

Tiredness Alert

A tiredness alert warns the driver that it is time to take a break by monitoring their responses and picking up on movements which could indicate tiredness. Drowsiness detectors are effective at preventing accidents as they urge drivers to take a break with both a dashboard warning light and a warning sound, if the warning is ignored it is usually repeated again after several minutes.

Automatic Braking Systems

Extremely useful in the event of a collision, automatic braking systems can completely prevent a collision. They work by sensing a potential collision and automatically applying the brakes. It tends to be more effective at lower speeds, working particularly well for urban driving.

Electronic Stability Control

ESC is hugely valuable to drivers and can help to avoid accidents should the driver skid or start to lose control of their vehicle. It’s now a requirement that all brand-new cars are fitted with the technology, however some used cars won’t have it, so it’s one to look out for.

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