Electric vehicles confirmed for 2030

Electrify your journey with the help of Shelbourne Motors with new and used electric vehicles (EV).

As part of the Prime Minister’s 10-point plan to make the UK carbon neutral, the sale of new petrol and diesel cars will end by 2030. The ‘Green Industrial Revolution’ intends to deal with climate change as well as hoping to create new jobs in the industry such as nuclear energy.

The original date of 2040 has since been brought forward to jump-start the market for electric cars in the UK. With plans to invest £1.3billion in electric vehicle (EV) charging points, grants will also be available for consumers to assist with the transition to electric.

Having a wide range of electric vehicles in stock at Shelbourne Motors, the announcement was welcomed within the industry. Speaking on BBC Newsline Director of Shelbourne Motors Caroline Willis said, “With more consumer confidence within the EV range, we are seeing more customers making the change over now so we may see that switch more quickly. There has been an increase in mileage year on year for various models which has been a great development.”

Even before the announcement the desire for electric vehicles has saw a steady increase in the last number of years. Many NI consumers are keen to be ahead of the game by making the switch now and we are delighted to provide customers with a top quality, seamless transition. With a competent sales team knowledgeable on all things EV, we are here to help you start your electric journey.