Service TypeService Description
Renault Sport MaintenanceApplies to vehicles on a two year service regime. Content: Castrol engine oil, filter and cabin filter or air filter change (subject to model specific requirements), safety, computer, battery, levels checks.
Full serviceApplies to vehicles on a two year service regime. Content: Castrol engine oil, oil filter, air filter, cabin filter and (spark plugs or diesel filter) change, safety, computer, battery, levels and anti-corrosion checks and adjustments.
MOTThe first MOT test is required when your vehicle is 3 years old. All of our
testers are UK Vehicle Inspectorate trained and we will only be using Renault genuine parts to carry out any necessary repair work. Content: brake fluid, coolant change, air con service, cambelt replacement, front brake pads, front brake pads and discs, replacement battery, tyres fitted, wiper blades fitted, vehicle health check.
Brake fluid changeBrake Fluid provides a hydraulic link between the brake pedal and the brakes. Over time, brake fluid becomes contaminated with water and a severe contamination can lead to brake failure. Replacing the brake fluid at the recommended interval maintains the vehicle braking performance and extends the life of
braking components.
Air Con serviceRenault recommends a service of the Air Conditioning System every two years. The air con service is a thorough inspection of the air conditioning system, including a complete recharge of the air con gas and a cleanse of the evaporator.
Replacing your coolant is important to ensure your engine does not freeze or overheat. Changing your coolant in line with the maintenance regime helps prevents breakdowns and improves vehicle efficiency.
It is important to regularly check your tyres. We recommend changing your tyres at 3mm to ensure safety and optimum efficiency.
Problems with your battery? Our experts can diagnose any issues and replace the battery if necessary.
Wiper blades fittedFitting of car wiper blades. 
Vehicle health checkFree visual inspection of your vehicle to ensure it is operating at peak
Diagnostic If you have a problem with your car we have diagnostic technology to highlight any issues and repairs.
Enhancement checksOur dealers will check and perform any outstanding manufacturers performance enhancements – free of charge! 

All prices quoted are manufacturer recommended retail prices including VAT at the prevailing rate. Prices may vary depending on model and servicing requirement. All prices are correct at time of publication and may be subject to change at any point without notice. All offers exclude the Z.E. range. Available at participating Dealers only.