FREE Renault Vehicle Health Check

Every vehicle that our trained Renault Technicians work on at our fully equipped workshop receives a complimentary Vehicle Health Check. We do this to make sure you have total peace of mind on the condition of your vehicle and can plan vehicle maintenance ahead of when it becomes necessary.

What we check on a Vehicle Health Check:

  • Suspension, drive shaft and steering
  • Brake discs and brake pad condition
  • Tyre tread and condition
  • Exhaust and mountings
  • Cambelt condition
  • Wiper blades

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What the Vehicle Health Check will show

The outcome of the VHC will be grade each item checked as red amber or green:

Red items are an immediate safety concern such as brakes, tyres, wipers, lights and other items which would usually class as an MOT failure or safety concern

Amber items will need attention before the next Service or MOT, but are not an immediate safety concern

Greenitems are working as they should and will not need attention before the next Service or MOT

Vehicle Health Check Video

When we carry out your Vehicle Health Check we will also send you are free video. You’ll be able to see exactly what our Technician can see while under the bonnet and also along the length under the body, and we often use these videos to check we have found a fault you may have reported, such as a warning light or a noise.