Renault ZOE ownership doesn’t stop at city bound drivers

As expected, the highest percentage of ZOE sales are within Greater London followed by Milton Keynes, Bristol, Bedford and Cambridge making up the top five locations. The small town of Truro and its surrounding countryside in Cornwall had the same amount of ZOEs as the densely populated city of Leicester. Other rural towns who have adopted a strong EV presence are sleepy villages surrounding Bath, the suburbs of Surrey and Horseham in West Sussex. The findings which were unveiled on World Earth Day highlights Renault’s ongoing commitment to electric vehicles.

According to SMMT, electric vehicles (BEV, HEV, PHEV, MHEV) make almost 29% of the 2020 UK new car market which is up over 10 per cent on the previous year. Renault reports a 185.9% increase in demand for EV’s in 2020 with the Renault ZOE recording a 145% sales increase in the last year.

With over 115,000 EVs sold across Europe in 2020, 100,000 of these units were Renault ZOEs. Renault has led the way for zero-emission all-electric vehicles becoming Europe’s number one manufacturer for electric cars and vans. From 2013 data has shown that electrification has not been limited to big cities and congested areas.

Tom Barker, Electrification Manager, Renault UK, said: “This data not only confirms that the ZOE has been popular with buyers living in busier, urban areas, but also those in more suburban and rural areas. Due to the ZOE’s 245-mile maximum range between charges and versatile charging options it’s easier than ever to own and enjoy the benefits of EV, no matter where you live. What this also shows is that there’s huge untapped potential for millions of road users waiting to reap the benefits of all-electric driving around the UK.”

As a class-leading electric car, the Renault ZOE has been an easy option for many buyers making the switch to electric. Book your test drive so you can experience the Renault ZOE for yourself.

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