Fun, iconic, innovative and in tune with modern times, the Renault 5 is back, reinvented to bring some sparkle to the world of compact electric vehicles.

Renault proudly introduces the reinvented Renault 5 to their E-Tech lineup. The original Renault 5, known for its visionary design, sold over 5.5 million units globally from 1972 to 1985. Ahead of its time, it achieved remarkable fuel efficiency and even had an electric version in 1974. Now, the Renault 5 returns, embodying fun, iconic, and innovative features in a modern compact electric vehicle.

A unique and emotive design

Innovative design defines the Renault 5 E-Tech, featuring a unique light signature with rounded rectangles reminiscent of the Renault 5 Turbo fog lamps. The full LED headlamps boast a floating design with the same rectangular effect.

While the circular wheel arches pay homage to the original Renault 5, the wings' structure mirrors its characteristic shape. The vibrant roof trim options in black, red, or gold, along with the deep red vertical rear lights, evoke the original Renault 5's urban charm.

To balance cost and allure, the Renault 5 E-Tech electric range retains iconic features. Standard offerings include 18-inch wheels, a 10-inch central screen, hands-free access and start, wireless smartphone compatibility with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, an electric handbrake, and full LED headlamps with automatic high-beam switching.​

A reinvented vent grille

The vent grille on the bonnet of the original car has been reinvented to keep up with the times. Today, it is a charge indicator in the form of the iconic number 5. When the driver approaches the vehicle, it lights up, illustrating the close interaction between human and machine. Another example of a humanised interface is the welcome sequence of the eye-shaped LED headlights, which ‘wink’ at the driver as they approach. Absent from the original Renault 5 but vital today for optimal efficiency are the aerodynamic features. Today, they are present but invisible, like the streamlined glass placed over the rear lights to optimise the airflow.

A two-tier padded dashboard

Renault 5 E-Tech Electric boasts a sophisticated two-tier padded dashboard, blending the best features from previous Renault 5 generations. The interior exudes elegance with its transverse layout, rectangular instrument cluster, and signature "Renault 5" trim on the high-spec Iconic Five model.

Adding a touch of luxury and high-tech design, the dashboard features elegant backlighting, highlighting the iconic "Renault 5" signature. The air vents stand out with a unique design inspired by the car's front light signature.

Large horizontal screen

The interior is further elevated by a dual horizontal screen setup, offering a contemporary and high-tech vibe. The 10-inch digital instrument panel provides comprehensive driving information in five different views, while the central multimedia screen, also 10-inch, features the OpenR Link system with built-in Google for the Techno and Iconic Five trim levels.

Preliminary specifications, awaiting fully homologated data:

Dimensions and weight

Length: 3.92m
Width: 1.77m
Height: 1.50m
Wheelbase: 2.54m
Front overhang: 749mm
Rear overhang: 633mm
Ground clearance: 145mm
Weight: from 1,450kg (52 kWh version) and 1,350kg (40 kWh version)
Boot capacity: 326 litres

Motors and batteries

Wound rotor synchronous electric motor

  • 90 kW (120hp / 225Nm)
  • 110 kW (150hp / 245Nm)

Lithium-ion battery

  • Comfort range 52 kWh (range up to 400km / 248 miles WLTP)
  • Urban range 40 kWh (range up to 300km / 186 miles WLTP)


  • 11 kW AC bidirectional for both the 90 and 110 kW motors
  • up to 80 kW DC for the 90 kW motor
  • up to 100 kW DC for the 110 kW motor

Performance (110 kW / 52 kWh version)

0 to 62 mph                  < 8 sec
50 to 75 mph                < 7 sec
Top speed                     93 mph