As your point of contact with the road, your tyres go through a lot. So be good to them and they'll be good to you. Any time you come for a car check we'll take a good look at them.

Advice & tips

Regularly check the condition of your tyres using the wear indicator between the grooves. Be on the lookout for signs of wear such as vibrations in the steering wheel, cracks on the sides, worn treads and suspicious rolling noise.

Avoid over-inflating and bursting tyres by checking pressure every month when the tyres are cold: the correct pressure is indicated on the inside of your door.

At Shelbourne Motors Dacia we stock a range of tyres with prices starting from £35. We are confident our prices are competitive as we price match daily to ensure we offer the best value.

Why is maintaining your tyre pressures important?

Safety - Tyres that are under inflated can overheat & over inflated tyres can lead to poor vehicle handling on the road.

Economy - Over or under inflated tyres suffer more damage than those with the correct pressure & need to be replaced more regularly. Vehicles with under-inflated tyres have increased rolling resistance that require more fuel to maintain the same speed.

Environment - Correct tyre pressures help to maintain optimum fuel efficiency, this can equate to lower Co2 emissions coming from your vehicle than those with incorrect tyre pressures!

Our tyre service is quick, convenient and hassle free. We also offer a free check on your tyres. Call our booking line on 028 3839 6867 or submit a contact form and we will get back to you.

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Tyre fitting from £69*


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Dacia Health Check - Free

To make sure that everything in your car is in working order, we will give your car a Visual safety check inside and out to look out for anything that might need attention

All prices quoted are manufacturer recommended retail prices including VAT at the prevailing rate. Prices may vary depending on model and servicing requirement. All prices are correct at time of publication and may be subject to change at any point without notice. Available at participating Dealers only.

*Price relates to 185/65 R15 88T Continental Contact 5, Fuel Efficiency B Wet Grip B External rolling noise 2 (70), available for Sandero