Ensure a pleasant and healthy journey for everyone, in complete safety, thanks to efficient climate control. It's important to maintain the air conditioning system in your Dacia.

Right now at Shelbourne Motors Dacia you can take advantage of our air con service with summer vehicle health check from £99.99! There is also an option to add an Air Con Gem , the Air Con Gem kill germs and freshens the cabin.

Offer includes:

  • Air con gas drain & refill with new gas
  • Compressor oil & dye added
  • Inspection of your Pollen Filter
  • Air Con Test to ensure the system is operating efficiently
  • Inspection of lights, levels, tyres, brakes, pollen filter etc.


Call 028 3839 6867 to book your air conditioning service today. You can also submit a contact form and a member of the team will get back to you as soon as possible. (Air Con Service Offer relates to vehicles fitted with R1234a gas & vehicles fitted with R1234f gas will be charged accordingly.)

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Advice & tips

Your air-con needs checking regularly to keep you breathing easy. Watch out for first signs that there's something wrong like:

  • unpleasant smells
  • allergy problems
  • the screen not demisting
  • reduced flow of air and strange condensation

It's best to use your air-con regularly, all year round. This way, it stays more efficient in between your yearly cleans.

Yearly check-ups are important to avoid any mould or bacteria that can build up. You can also have your cabin filter replaced and gas recharged every two years if your air-con isn't working like it used to be.


We aim to get your Dacia in perfect working condition as soon as possible. While you wait for your vehicle we have some great facilities for you to take advantage of including tea/coffee, free WiFi & daily newspapers. We also offer free local lifts depending on availability. Just ask our service team when booking to find out more.