All-New Dacia Jogger: A New Take on the 7 Seater Family

With it’s value for money approach to the 7-seater family car, the All-New Dacia Jogger was launched earlier this month.

The Dacia Jogger – adding to the brand’s model line up in the UK of the All-New Sandero, Sandero Stepway, and New Duster – is set to redefine the 7 seater family car, offering larger families something that is refreshingly different to the norm. With versality by adopting the key attributes of each market segment: the length and practicality of an estate car, the spaciousness of an MOV, and the styling and reassurance of an SUV. As a family car that is in a league of it’s own, it delivers a price-to-spaciousness ratio that is unique to Dacia.

Embodying the outdoor spirit through it’s name, the Dacia Jogger boasts positive energy and sense of adventure. As a life-long companion ready for the daily lives of families whether that’s navigating city driving or exploring the great outdoors.

A strong stance coupled with strong proportions; the All-New Jogger offers an unparalleled level of practicality that’s sought out by families. Smart thinking and clever touches feature heavily in the All-New Jogger, from ingenious modular roof bars to the innovative Media Control system that places the smartphone at the centre of the car’s multimedia system.

At launch, the All-New Dacia Jogger will be available with two engines, including the brand new TCe 100 turbocharged petrol engine. Dacia remains the only manufacturer to offer a full range of bi-fuel models, a commitment the All-New Jogger continues with the availability of the LPG TCe 100 Bi-Fuel engine. Joining the range in 2023 will be Dacia’s first hybrid power option, making the All-New Jogger the most accessible 7-seat hybrid on the market.

Denis Le Vot, CEO Dacia, said: “Dacia is reinventing the 7-seater family vehicle with the All-New Dacia Jogger. This latest versatile addition embodies the brand’s outdoor spirit, always ready for adventure. It exemplifies Dacia's commitment to make mobility accessible to all, and that includes large families. The Dacia Jogger will also be Dacia’s first hybrid, because mobility, be it in or out of town, must be available for everyone.”

The All-New Dacia Jogger will be available to pre-order in the UK in November 2021, with first deliveries expected in the first quarter of 2022.

Exterior Design

Based on the company’s modular CMF-B platform that also lies at the heart of the new Sandero. The jogger boasts a unique rear module that extends the car’s length to just over 4.5m, making it the longest Dacia model in the range. This extra length is key to the Jogger’s spaciousness, allowing it to deliver the same level of versality as many larger models from the segment above.

The body structure has been reinforced in key areas to protect against the shocks that are a natural part of an active life, while a generous 200mm of ground clearance (unladen) ensures the Jogger will be more than up to the challenge of a family adventure.

The Jogger’s ready for anything spirit is reflected in the model’s styling, with a bold, wide grille flanked by Dacia’s signature Y-shaped LED daytime running lights. Integrated within headlights that feature LEDs as standard for low beam illumination, the use of LED technology not only consumes less energy but also provides stronger, clearer lighting to see and be seen at night.

The vehicle’s rear lights maximise the width of the tailgate making loading easier, particularly for bulky items. Similarly, a low load still provides easy access to the Jogger’s spacious cargo area.

The modular roof rails lend themselves well to the sense of readiness for the great outdoors. They use an ingenious patented system that transforms them in just a few simple steps to accept anything from skis to mountain bikes, complete with a generous 80kg carrying capacity.

Powerfully styled wheel-arches frame the clever ‘Flex Wheels’ which, although designed to replicate the stylish appearance of alloy wheels, are more robust and affordable should they need to be replaced. Alloy wheels with a stylish diamond-cut finish are also available.

To celebrate the launch of the All-New Jogger, Dacia will release a limited ‘Extreme’ model with more pronounced off-road styling. Offered in five distinctive body colours – Pearl Black, Slate Grey, Moonstone Grey, Glacier White and Terracotta Brown – the Jogger Extreme is instantly recognisable with black roof rails, black door mirrors, a black shark-fin antenna and black alloy wheels. The Extreme’s front and rear skid-plates are finished in contrasting Megalith Grey, while unique protective door strips and Extreme badging complete the exterior look.

Interior and Features

Thanks to its 4.5m length and 2.9m wheelbase, the All-New Dacia Jogger offers unrivalled interior space for a family of seven. Three full rows of seating allow the Dacia Jogger to easily accommodate seven adults in comfort, with the split-folding seats arranged into tone of more than 60 possible configurations, up to 1,819 litres VDA of cargo space.

On selected models, the feeling of spaciousness is accentuated by a textile strip that runs across the dashboard, where the driving components (instrument panel, multimedia screen) are located above the strip, while easily accessible controls (air conditioning, driving aids) are found below. The same textile also features on the front door armrests.

All the seats are sculpted to provide the driver and passengers with optimum support and comfort.

The split-folding second row seats offer the same seat height (758mm) as those in the front, together with generous foot- and knee-room. Access to the third-row seats is via a tipping mechanism on the second row, made easier by longer rear doors, and once aboard occupants will discover an impressive 855mm of headroom and 127mm of knee-room, which are among the best of 7-seat passenger vehicles currently available and allow two adults to sit comfortably.

The boot offers up to 213 litres of storage space with all seats in place, rising to 712 litres with the third-row seats folded down and measured to the top of the backrest. With the second-row seats folded down and the third-row seats removed, the Jogger offers an impressive 1,819 litres VDA of cargo space.

However, the All-New Dacia Jogger’s sense of practicality stems from more than just sheer volume. The thoughtful design of the cargo space opens up possibilities that make family life that much easier. The long boot floor (1,150mm) can easily accommodate a pram or a child’s push bike without disassembly by folding down one of the third-row seats, while hikers can easily transport a full kit and that of their friends.

Safety and security while load-carrying are preserved thanks to elastic straps and four lashing rings, while three hooks – two in the boot and one by the front passenger – are ideal for hanging shopping bags. A 12V socket is also provided while the second-row seats feature ISOFIX child-seat mounts.

Fold-down tray tables and cup holders for the second-row seats (depending on model) ensure all occupants are kept entertained, while even those in the third row have their own armrests. Each row has its own roof light for a total of three in the 7-seater version, further boosting the light and airy feeling of the cabin for everyone on board.

Dacia understands better than most that family life comes with plenty of paraphernalia, and so the All-New Jogger boasts 24 litres of storage space spread conveniently throughout the cabin. A generously sized 7-litre glove box is joined by door pockets front and rear that can each hold a 1-litre bottle, plus a 1.3-litre lidded storage area within the centre console and six cup holders.

To complement its striking exterior, the interior of the Jogger Extreme features unique red upholstery stitching and chrome door trim, while its standard specification is boosted by the inclusion of climate control, a reversing camera, hands-free key card, floor mats for all passengers, and a hard-wearing rubber cargo mat.


The All-New Dacia Jogger is available with three full-featured multimedia and infotainment systems, each with a broad range of connected features for busy, modern families.

The clever Media Control system revolves around a smartphone docking station integrated into the dashboard design. By using the screen we carry with us every day – our smartphones – as the basis for the car’s multimedia system, Dacia has created a way of maximising usability and familiarity, while also solving the problems caused by aftermarket mounts and charging cables.

With the smartphone held securely within the universal slot, the free Dacia Media Control app turns the phone into a natural extension of the dashboard. Navigation, radio, music, telephone, and even vehicle information are all now at one’s fingertips and can be accessed through the phone’s own voice recognition function. Alternatively, steering wheel-mounted controls allow the system to be operated without distracting from the job of driving, with corresponding information shown on the central 3.5-inch TFT digital display within the instrument cluster. Music and navigation instructions are channelled through the car’s stereo speakers thanks to the Bluetooth connection, while a conveniently located USB port on the dashboard handles charging duties.

Media Display upgrades the audio capabilities with four speakers, while an 8-inch touchscreen mounted high on the dashboard and angled towards the driver for maximum visibility takes over from the Media Control docking station. The system is Bluetooth enabled and compatible with both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, while a new ‘Car’ tab gives access to various ADAS and vehicle settings.

Lastly, Media Nav builds upon the Media Display system with the addition of Wi-Fi wireless connectivity for Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, a full in-car navigation function, and an upgraded audio system with six speakers and two USB ports.


A range of modern and fuel-efficient engines – all Euro 6D Full-compliant and equipped with Start&Stop as standard – power the All-New Dacia Jogger, including an innovative bi-fuel engine and a hybrid option to follow later.

The all-new TCe 110 is a 1.0-litre, three-cylinder, direct injection turbocharged petrol engine that boasts 110hp and 200Nm of torque at 2,900rpm. It uses several technical innovations to increase output, improve fuel economy, and reduce emissions. Its aluminium block construction reduces overall weight, while variable valve timing and a variable displacement oil pump help boost performance while reducing fuel consumption. The integrated exhaust manifold, particle filter and central injector help reduce CO2 emissions, while a smooth-shifting, low-friction six-speed manual transmission helps deliver the best possible performance.

The TCe100 Bi-Fuel engine continues Dacia’s commitment to offer a full range of bi-fuel petrol/LPG vehicles. When running on LPG, average CO2 emissions for the Dacia Jogger are 10 percent less than for an equivalent petrol engine at 121g/km*. In addition, the 40-litre LPG tank and 50-litre petrol tank give the Jogger a combined maximum range of 621 miles with WLTP combined cycle economy of up to 37.1mpg.

By factory-fitting this proven technology to the TCe 100 Bi-Fuel engine, safety and reliability are guaranteed. The duration of the manufacturer’s warranty, service intervals, and boot capacity are all identical to the petrol-only version, with the LPG tank fitted beneath the boot floor in place of the spare wheel. On the road, the transition from petrol to LPG is immediate and imperceptible, with the system switching automatically to petrol once the LPG tank is empty.

In 2023, the Jogger will be the first Dacia model to feature hybrid technology, making it the most affordable 7-seater hybrid on the market. The Dacia Jogger Hybrid will feature a 1.6-litre petrol engine, two electric motors, and a multi-mode automatic transmission, combined with a 1.2kWh 230V battery to deliver full electric start, smooth and comfortable electric-only driving, and a choice of driving modes to suit the prevailing conditions. With regenerative braking helping to capture kinetic energy that would otherwise be lost during deceleration, the Dacia Jogger Hybrid will be able to spend 80 percent of its time on city roads in full-electric mode thereby saving up to 40 percent on fuel compared to an equivalent petrol-only model – all without changing the way one drives.

Safety and driving aids
All Dacia Jogger models feature six airbags, including curtain and side airbags that protect the abdomen, chest, and head areas, as well as a range of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS).

Emergency Brake Assist operates from 5 to 105mph and uses the front-mounted radar to measure the distance to the vehicles ahead. Should the system detect that a collision is imminent, it warns the driver with a combined audio and visual cue. If the driver fails to brake hard enough or at all, the system can either amplify the braking effort or apply the brakes automatically.

Blind Spot Warning is active from 19 to 87mph and warns the driver of a potential collision with another vehicle that may be concealed from view. Four ultrasonic sensors detect vehicles including motorcycles approaching from the side or rear, illuminating an LED light in the corresponding door mirror as a warning.

Park Assist comprises four front and four rear ultrasonic sensors as well as a rear-view camera with dynamic guideline overlay to provide audible and visual cues to make manoeuvring in tight spots a breeze.

Hill Start Assist prevents the vehicle from rolling backwards on an incline by holding the brakes for a period of two seconds after the driver has released their foot from the pedal.

Electronic Stability Control and a speed limiter are standard across the range, while cruise control with steering wheel-mounted controls is available on selected grades. Further options include heated front seats, climate control with digital display, hands-free key card with remote boot unlocking, automatic wipers, and electric parking brake.