Used Cars in Portadown

Are you from the Portadown area and looking around for a used car? If so, Shelbourne Motors AutoSelect is just a short drive away; savings are closer than you think. Shelbourne AutoSelect ensures that your time and drive is rewarded with:

  • an excellent selection of cars
  • sales staff that listens
  • a culture that gives you the space to shop
  • prices that fit your budget

Let us help you to find the new or used car or van that best fits your lifestyle. Shelbourne AutoSelect Used Car supermarket has been helping consumers for many years to find the perfect used car.

Our staff work every day to provide a distinctive service that sets us apart from the normal car buying experience in the Portadown area.

Save now with Shelbourne Motors Autoselect.

Call us now on 028 3855 0421 or email us and we will be happy to help.