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Motability is a registered national charity that helps people who receive the Higher Rate Mobility Component of the Disability Allowance or the War Pensioners Mobility Supplement.

The scheme makes owning a car much more affordable and can also offer you a range of adaptations to make driving safer and more comfortable.

We have a great selection of cars to choose in the Nissan, Toyota, Renault and Dacia range with a wide choice of reliable and affordable models to suit all needs.

At Shelbourne Motors you will find commitment to personal service, facilities for easy access as well as expert motability advice from our dedicated staff.


Do you receive the Higher Rate Mobility Component of DLA or a War Pensioners Mobility Supplement? If so then you are eligible to lease a new car through the Motability Scheme here at Shelbourne Motors Portadown. If you don't drive, you can still lease a new car through the scheme and nominate up to two named drivers to drive it for you. Parents and carers can also apply on behalf of a child.


Motability's worry-free car lease package includes:

  • A new car every 3 years
  • Insurance and road tax included
  • Servicing, maintenance, windscreen and tyre replacement costs covered
  • Accident and breakdown cover
  • Many adaptations at no extra cost
  • Up to 2 named drivers at no extra cost

You choose a model that has NIL Advance Payment and your weekly DLA will cover the cost of leasing your car. If you wish to choose a model that costs a little more than your DLA covers all you need to do is make an advance payment at the beginning of the agreement. Contact Shelbourne Motors (028 38 396 800) to speak to one of our Motability Specialists or book a test drive.

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