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Toyota Yaris Hybrid

The Toyota Yaris Hybrid helps drivers fall in love with driving again. The new model offers a sleek new dynamic design, with energising colours to choose from. Intelligent and innovative, the Yaris has a 1.5 litre Hybrid engine for a smoother, quieter drive that will make you fall in love with driving again.

Leave in style and arrive with a hybrid smile

Put your seatbelt on, push the start button and put in drive; operating a New Yaris Hybrid is that simple. The quiet, effortless performance ensures the stress of urban traffic ebbs away, and you arrive refreshed and energised. Hybrid isn't just about saving the car's energy; it's also about saving yours.

Hybrid Energy Flow Monitor

Straight-forward monitoring of your Hybrid system ensures it's functioning correctly, and highlights how it benefits your driving.

Entertained and connected

Enjoy in car convenience with Toyota Touch system with multimedia capabilities that displays vehicle info. MP3 and IPod devices can be connected via Bluetooth or USB.

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Why should you choose a Hybrid?

- It's simple to drive
- Serene and quiet especially in electric mode
- It's economical, you can get up to 85.6mpg*
- Zero road tax or congestion charge^

Toyota is a true pioneer of Hybrid technology, having introduced its first hybrid model back in 1997.

The Toyota Yaris Hybrid transforms your driving experience. Quiet, effortless performance overrides the stress of urban traffic, leaving you feeling refreshed and energised.

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