Toyota Corolla Saloon, New Toyota | Shelbourne Motors Toyota, Portadown


Stylish, efficient and comfortable, the Corolla range is a joy to drive.
With its standout and spacious design as well as its hybrid engine, the saloon will tempt you to drive further than planned.

Designed to Standout

The Corolla Saloon displays refined, flowing lines combined with a streamlined body. Its distinct exterior is accompanied by a wealth of stylish details, including LED lights, chrome accents and alloy wheels.

Refined, Spacious and Comfortable 

Designed to keep you comfortable whether on a long trip or to the shops, the interior has a relaxing feel that doesn’t leave practicality behind. Clever storage spaces, ample legroom and premium finishes add to your comfort and convenience while technological features compliment the driving experience.

Designed to be Driven

From the smooth suspension and dynamic handling to the low centre of gravity, and 1.8 litre petrol hybrid, the Corolla keeps you connected to the road.