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Renault Grand Scenic

With its Beautiful design and clever innovations such as; large, 20-inch wheels as standard, aluminium roof bars with a matt finish, vertical rear lamps with a 3D effect and two-tone bodywork the Renault Grand Scenic is set to be hugely popular with drivers in Northern Ireland.


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Modernity on display

With its 20" standard wheels never before seen in the segment, two-tone bodywork and mink brown colour. Your sure to stand out from the crowd in this visibly modern model.

Lighting signature

The Grand Scenic's unique rear vertical lights with 3D effect are instantly recognisable.

7 seats plenty of style

The modular Grand Scenic can be swapped from 5 to 7 seats in an instant to accommodate any surprise passengers or bulky items.


The All-New Grand Scenic offers a range of state-of-the-art safety features. Active Discover a little more about some of these safety features below.

Active emergency braking with pedestrian detection: The Grand Scenic can detect pedestrians and warn you of dangerous situations. If no action is taken it can brake of its own accord id there is an imminent risk of collision.

Lane assist: The Grand Scenic can detect traffic lane markings and return you to your lane if necessary.

Tiredness detection alert: The Grand Scenic has an algorithm that can analyse you trajectory in real time and alerts you if there is an anomaly that could be linked to tiredness.