All-New Renault Megane Motability Offer | Shelbourne Motors Renault NI


The New Renault Megane Iconic TCe 140 is now on offer for motability customers for only NIL ADVANCE PAYMENT.

Specification Includes:

  •  Rear Parking sensors
  • Visio: lane departure warning, traffic sign recognition, auto highway/low beam
  • 17" alloy wheels
  • Multisense system: Ambient lighting and driving mode selector

Renault MEGANE

Mégane  HatchPlayTCe 140£0£61.20
Mégane HatchPlayTCe 140 Auto EDC£495Total Allowance
Mégane HatchPlayBlue dCi 115£395Total Allowance
Mégane HatchPlayBlue dCi 115 Auto EDC£1,395Total Allowance
Mégane HatchIconicTCe 140£0Total Allowance
Mégane HatchIconicTCe 140 Auto EDC£795Total Allowance
Mégane HatchIconicBlue dCi 115£745Total Allowance
Mégane HatchIconicBlue dCi 115 Auto EDC£1,645Total Allowance
Mégane HatchGT LineTCe 140£145Total Allowance
Mégane HatchGT LineTCe 140 Auto EDC£995Total Allowance
Mégane HatchGT LineBlue dCi 115£1,045Total Allowance
Mégane Hatch GT LineBlue dCi 115 Auto EDC£1,845Total Allowance
Mégane Sport TourerPlayTCe 140£95Total Allowance
Mégane Sport TourerPlayTCe 140 Auto EDC£595Total Allowance
Mégane Sport TourerPlayBlue dCi 115£495Total Allowance
Mégane Sport TourerPlayBlue dCi 115 Auto EDC£1,495Total Allowance
Mégane Sport TourerIconicTCe 140£95Total Allowance
Mégane Sport TourerIconicTCe 140 Auto EDC£895Total Allowance
Mégane Sport TourerIconicBlue dCi 115£845Total Allowance
Mégane Sport TourerIconicBlue dCi 115 Auto EDC£1,745Total Allowance
Mégane Sport TourerGT LineTCe 140£245Total Allowance
Mégane Sport TourerGT LineTCe 140 Auto EDC£1,095Total Allowance
Mégane Sport TourerGT LineBlue dCi 115£1,145Total Allowance
Mégane Sport TourerGT LineBlue dCi 115 Auto EDC£1,945Total Allowance

To find out more about the Megane range and offers on the simply contact our motability team to on 028 3855 0418 or submit a contact form at the top of the page and a member of the team will contact you as soon as possible. 

Advance Payment (AP) offers are valid for Motability applications between 1st October 2019 - 31st December 2019 and registered by 31st March 2020 and are correct at the time of publication. Motability customers agree to pay all or part of the Motability Allowance (DLA or WPMS) depending on their choice of vehicle, for the duration of their contract hire or hire purchase agreement.