LEAF awarded WhichEV lifetime achievement award for its contribution to the electric vehicle market!

WhichEV has awarded the Nissan LEAF a lifetime achievement award in recognition for its role in popularising electric vehicles.

When LEAF came to market more than a decade ago, it set the pace for the entire industry. Branching into electric vehicles was seen as a courageous strategy, but today, most vehicle manufacturers have introduced an electrified vehicle to their line-ups. Nissan truly paved the way for electric vehicles with LEAF at the forefront of this effort.

James Morris, Editor of WhichEV, stated: ”The Nissan LEAF should be commended for all it has done for EVs over its 12 years (so far). It’s a true legend.”

LEAF was the first mass-market electric vehicle and launched in 2010. Since then, it has sold more than 605,000 cars globally and more than 56,000 in the UK.
Now in its third generation, LEAF continues to represent an excellent proposition for customers. It is practical, comfortable and with zero tail pipe emissions, incredibly efficient.