NISSAN ARIYA CONCEPT | Portadown, Co. Armagh | Shelbourne Motors


Nissan have revealed an electric crossover concept and the Tokyo motor show, a concept due for production within the next two years! The Ariya Concept is Nissan's most tech-advanced all-electric crossover to redefine premium driving, inspired by timeless Japanese futurism and sophistication.

Alfonso Albaisa, head of design commented: When Nissan gives a car a real name, rather than a codename, it is always because the car is approaching production, I liken it to when you go to the doctor and find out if your unborn baby is going to be a boy or a girl. When you know that, you give it a name and the birth is not so far away. Now we have a name, we aren't planning to wait long either.”


The Ariya crossover concept is the start of a new era of seamless, intuitive and adaptive experiences both onboard and offboard. Nissan Intelligent Mobility brings smarter, more advanced driver assistance technologies, powerful all-wheel electric drive and ample driving range. All packaged in a sophisticated exterior design inspired by timeless Japanese futurism.


The IMk concept combines the excitement of electric driving with the confidence of cutting-edge driver assistance, plus the convenience of advanced connectivity. The result? The ultimate in stress-free, zero-emissions urban mobility adapted to Japanese streets. This chic package shows what’s just over the horizon in the world of Nissan Intelligent Mobility.


Imagine a whole new driving experience, moving through life with greater exhilaration, confidence, and connection to the world around you. This is Nissan Intelligent Mobility, and it’s already a reality in Nissan's you can drive today – in cars that park themselves, watch what’s happening around you, and step in to keep you out of trouble. Now imagine a near future with cars that can actually learn from one another, and Electric Vehicles that recharge as they drive along, no strings attached. Nissan Intelligent Mobility is making all this, and more, part of a bold, bright tomorrow.