Take the lead. Drive electric.

Since launching our first Soul EV in 2014 and winning WhatCar? 2018 Car of the Year for our e-Niro, we haven’t stopped expanding our range of electric vehicles to make it one of the most comprehensive and exciting around. This year the Kia EV6 won a range of awards, including WhatCar? 2022 Car of the Year.


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• Electric Kias can cover long distances with zero tailpipe emission. In fact, our EV6 can go up to 328 miles (combined WLTP testing) on a single charge.

• Our models can be charged from home or a public charge point using Type 2 and CCS standard sockets. At a rapid DC charging station they will charge in less time than you need to take a break.

• For added efficiency, Kia electric cars come with regenerative braking, which allows them to funnel significant amounts of energy back to the battery through braking or deceleration. It’s also a new way of driving, using the brake pedal a lot less and relying on regenerative braking instead.

Optimal performance

Kia electric cars deliver maximum torque immediately so you get instant throttle response and brisk acceleration. Their low centre of gravity – thanks to the positioning of the battery – means you also enjoy superior handling.

Electric only drive

Sound of silence? Not quite, but drive a Kia electric car – whether in town or on the motorway - and you’ll notice how relaxing and quiet it is.

Long distance driving

Do you sometimes travel long distance? Whatever your lifestyle, electric cars are convenient to use both for short and long journeys. Not only do they benefit from significant range, but they charge fast and you can rely on convenient public charging solutions like Kia Charge.