​The Energy DCI 110 Engine Featured In The New Renault Mégane Hatch

The Renault Mégane Hatch has an Energy DCI 110 Engine- The energy range of engines are dynamic and powerful, with first class response and quiet when running. With excellent fuel efficiency and low CO2 emissions, you can opt for a petrol or diesel version.The Renault Mégane Hatch features Renault's innovative Stop Start system which switches off the engine when the car comes to a standstill, reducing fuel emissions and saving you fuel.

The Energy Range also features Energy Smart Management (ESM), which allows energy created under braking and deceleration to be stored in the cars battery, helping to further reduce fuel consumption. ​

Reversing and Parking Camera - Renault Mégane Hatch

The new Renault Mégane Hatch features the R-Link System, Renault's multimedia tablet with a generous 7inch touch screen.

As well as entertainment and navigation functionality, the R-Link also acts as a colour monitor when reversing and parking.

The rear of the vehicle has a camera with a wide angle lens, with several proximity sensors that beep when reversing to alert you to any objects nearby.​

Innovative Keyless Entry With The Renault Mégane Hatch

The new Renault Mégane Hatch has a range of modern and smart technology features. One of the features is the Smart Technology Keyless System. Simply press a button and car unlock. The Keyless System also opens the boot of car making loading the vehicle even easier.

The Mégane Hatch also has Renault's innovative Stop Start function, so once inside the vehicle, simply press the Start button and the engine turns on. When you reach your destination, press the Stop button and the engine switches off and you can exit the car.​

Safer Driving With The Visio System In The Renault Mégane Hatch

The new Renault Mégane Hatch is full of smart technology, including the innovative Visio lane departure System. The Visio System is an intelligent safety feature that detects markings on the road ahead of you, and will give you both an audio and visual alert if you cross a continuous or broken line on the road without indicating.

For night time driving, the Visio System is fully integrated with the car's headlights, and the camera controls the beams at the front of the car.​

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