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New Leaf

The Nissan LEAF offers dynamic acceleration, improved torque and speeds that match…100% electric vehicles are quieter, cheaper and have zero emissions whilst driving. A lighter powertrain and improved dynamic such as sat nav, rear view camera and climate control. The Nissan LEAF, with it's clever packaging means the car is as spacious as any other traditional family car. View our current Nissan LEAF new car offer.

Electric cars, like the 100% Nissan LEAF are powered by lithium-ion batteries that are more durable than traditional lead acid batteries.

Charging your Leaf


With the 100% Nissan LEAF, you can wake up to a fully charged lithium ion battery thanks to overnight charging (when electricity is cheaper). Using your Smartphone or PC, you can remotely start or stop the car's climate control or start charging. On the road, the Carwings telematic SatNav system tells you the exact amount of energy required to reach your destination and where the nearest charging stations are!

100% Electric

With the new Nissan LEAF, 100% electric driving has reached a whole new level of excitement and convenience.

Remote access to the front charging port, introduction of an LED light within the charging port area, increased boot space, much improved comfort and the availability of the New Nissan LEAF in not one, but 3 versions!